Monday, 11 April 2011

Website analysis Norwegian Wood

The Norwegian Wood website home page is rather conventional as you are greeted with a recognisable image of the main actors which is also featured in the poster, a clear film title header, bold release date and a synopsis of the film along with other link bars and buttons.

The layout and colour scheme of the website is a very simple black and white, clean finish 'look' which reflects the original book cover which is also a simple monochrome image. The black bar going through the image is a clever visual trick as it looks part of the design that blends into the black background, however it instantly draws the line across the bar with stands out against the white yet doesn't seem to draw too much attention away due to look part of the design. Links such as 'the novel' and 'the soundtrack' have been placed in this bar for further information on the movie.

Scrolling down the home page, the synopsis is folled by a brief history of the book and how it was translated into a moving picture.
There are then 3 round buttons which visually accompanies the main image well due to the replicated circle shape. These buttons include; (from small to large) 'where it's playing', 'latest news' (via social networking sites) and the largest button linking to information about a competition. This button has purposly been made the largest button in order to attract the most attention as when competitions are involved in the making of the film, it attracts a lot of publicity and hype of the film meaning more viewers and fans of the film. All three of these buttons are pretty conventional as alot of films create competitions and pages via social network sites to create a fanbase audience hence hype and more publicity in order to make the film a success.
On the bottom right there are also a list of sponsors such as uniqlo. Uniqlo is an international chain, mainly based in Japan and also popular in England. This is a well represented sponsor as Norwegian Wood is a Japanese film that has also become popular in England meaning the sponsors will pay alot as they are being advertised internationally. Sponsers for films are always carefully selected to reach the maximum of the target audience in order to make a large profit.

When clicked on the link 'trailer' a new page appears with the same layout except a different image, arrousing more interest in the viewer and a box where the trailer automatically starts playing. This is also quite conventional as in the way a trailer is linked to another page with a continued theme from the home page through layout and colour scheme. The title of the film and reliese date is still implace as this is vital information about the film. The viewer will be subconsiously aware of information even when watching the trailer e.g the large '11' that is part of the reliese date.
Overall the website is quite conventional however stylish in the form of a striking layout and colour scheme which reflects the original book cover and the monochrome also allows certain text to stand out as they are the two most contrasting colours on the colour wheel.

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