Monday, 30 November 2009

Music Magazine front cover plan

Here is my music magazine front cover plan, I have analysed each element that will be on my music magazine and I have incooperated layout and magazine style from the two music magazine covers that I analysed. I have also based my fonts and colour scheme around the photo and my photoshoot plan. My colour scheme is red, blue, white and black. I have also tried to incooperate the genre of choice which is vintage rock.
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Music Magazine cover Photo (edited)

Here is my photo for my music magazine, I have stuck to my plan and selected the highest quality photo out of many that I took. I managed to achieve a high quality image with bright lighting as the weather was good. I have photoshoped the image; removing any uneven tones on skin and blemishes. I did not edit anything else as there was no need and the image did not have any flaws that was needed to be edited.

Project plan

Here is my project plan, I have made a table on excell to plan my work weekly to keep on track and to help me achieve a goal of producing work on time.
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Sunday, 29 November 2009

Photoshoot Plan

I have planned my photoshoot by creating a rough sketch to begin with as this will give me a visual idea of how I would like my photo to look like, I then annotated the image and wrote some detail of location, camera shot, positioning of model, colour scheme and the styling of the model. In my annotations, I have linked each detail of the photo to these elements and keeping to the theme of my magazine; vintage rock.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Second magazine analysis

My second magazine analysis is based on an issue of Kerrang as this was also one of the most popular magazines selected in my result of questionnaire. My second analysis is more detailed and I have added elements that i did not add on my first magazine analysis. It is a improved, more detailed and a refined analysis of the front cover.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Questionnaire analysis

Here is my questionnaire analysis, i have written in detail about why i selected each question and what i will use for my future magazine from the results of the questionnaire. I have also added a table of results for each question to present the tally from my questionnaire.
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Friday, 20 November 2009

Magazine cover analysis

I have analysed a front cover on Q magazine as this was one of the most popular magazines being read in a result from my questionnaire. I have analysed in detail of all the main elements that are being used on the front cover. I will consider using similar layouts in my own magazine using influence fom a proffesional and popular music magazine.I will also consider using young and informal text, similar to Q magazine as my taret market is aged between 16-18. The eye flow of the cover is generally an L shape as the fist thing you look at is 'Q' then the main image, then the large text 'GREEN DAY'

Mood board

I have created a mood board for my music magazine in order to get a feel of what image and themes my magazine will have. As my main genre theme is vintage rock, i have inckluded many artists that would be considered vintage rock and also images that are related to punk and rock such as the unuion jack and camden lock. i included many of my personal favourite bands as well as i know the music well and would like to feature them in my magazine. In terms of a colour scheme, there a lot of blacks, whites, blues and reda apparent ando so i will consider using these colours in my magazine.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mock up TOC

Here is the mock up of my TOC, I have used three images to represent each editorial pillar and have analysed in detail of what I will place on the TOC and how I will do it. I have tried to keep in styialisation of the front cover and so hace used similar fonts and colour scheme to keep a consistency.

Here is my real TOC which I made on Photoshop. I tried to keep to my plan as much as possible to create what I wanted to achieve.