Monday, 11 April 2011

Photoshoot plan for poster

For my photoshoot plan I have taken into consideration every detail required when achieveing a successful image such as location, model, shot and lighting. I believe a plan is helpful as it allows me to refine my ideas before taking the image meaning I won't waste time trying to achieve something that I am hoping for. It also gives me a higher success rate as I know exactly what I would like to achieve.
Here is my original photograph before being photoshoped. Although I am pleased with the outcome in terms of composition and lighting, I will edit it by taking away the pink tinge and enhancing the overall image by playing around with the contrast levels. I am also considering dulling the colours by reducing the saturation levels to give the image a slightly aged and vintage feel. I want to do this as it will be in keeping with my feel and will also make the image appear more fashionable and styalised.

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