Monday, 11 April 2011

Website analysis Never Let Me Go

The 'Never Let me Go' website's home page opens to a copy of the poster with added text with can ne clicked on as links such as 'watch the trailer' and 'open menu'. This is a conventional layout for a website home page as all viewers need to see a recognisable image that is associated with the film in order to want to look at the website, hence using the same recognisable poster image as a basis for the page.

However this home page has also unconventional aspects such as not having immediate social network buttons. This reflects the poster as everything is kept simple, discreet and is based around the calm and sceneric main image.
When clicked on the 'Menu' bar on the bottom left of the home page, you are greeted with a list of links on a translusent grey layer which allows the image of the home page to still be seen; inkeeping the consistent re-ocurring poster image.
Option links include 'cast and crew' and 'ask ishiguro' (author of the book). I would say that these links are unconventional as they are options for people who hold interest in the actual book and the making process of the film rather that the typical selling and advertising points such as links to social network, information on hype and other links which would be fan based to attract as many viewers possible. It seems that the website is designed for a sophisticated and intelectual viewers that hold interest in the complex making of the film which reflects the well established book and the type of target market that would read the book; intelligent, middle/upper class. This then explans the absence of immediate social network buttons which are conventional for a film website as the target market is not the type to use or be a part of social network sites which are on the general aimed at young, social people that take interest in fan based activities and hype.Social networking links and 'hype' material and 'gossip' on the film is displayed separetly from the main page bu scrolling further down. It is made a part of the website but as a separate asset rather than the main attraction. Although the main theme and homepage of the website is based around a simplistic and modest feel, I believe that this webiste in comparison to other film websites goes into much greater detail in terms of being able to explore the whole making of the film, how it was transformed from a book into a moving picture and having the opinion of all the people involved in the making process of the film. The website is sophistocated, thorough and anti conventional as it avoids typical selling points such as immediate social network links and fan based, hype links.

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