Monday, 11 April 2011

Completed website


Here is my completed website. I chose to use my same image that I used in my poster so that the audience can easily associate the wesite with the recognisable poster. I took away the shadow in the background that was previously in the image by using the magic wand tool and making it white so that the image stands out and the background blends well with the rest of the white backdrop.
I used the same font and text styles as my poster in order to keep a consistent theme and added appropriate links and buttons that are conventional to film wesites such as popular social networking sites e.g facebook and twitter. I also created links to a synopsis, cast, gallery and soundtrack as I found that these were the most important and common links by looking at other film websites.
I am pleased with the outcome and believe it looks inkeeping with my genre and theme. I also kept the website design uncluttered and simple as I wanted to achieve a sophistocated, elegant, and simplistic feel which also reflects my theme of vintage films.

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