Monday, 11 April 2011

Teaser analysis The social network

The teaser trailer begins with a series of bold words that faid in and out on a blurry background with dialogue from the film being spoke in the background.No information is given away in terms of visual language and seeing what characters are involved in the film and what they look like. This is definately unconventional and coes against expectations as it is risky in terms of not revealing much at all. The background also remains blurry and pixolated which again does not give away much and also goes against conventions.

The sequence of words are ordered as 'PUNK', 'GENIUS', 'PROPHET', 'TRAITOR', BILLIONAIRE' then goes onto the punch line which is also the main text on the poster, 'YOU DON'T GET TO 500 MILLION FRIENDS', 'WITHOUT MAKING A FEW ENEMIES'. As each word fades on and off screen the dialogue in the background reflects each bold statement. After the punch line the blurry, pixolated background zooms out to become an image of the main character's face, revealing the same still image used in the film poster.Although this does not entirely reveal much information it creates a sense of something epic that is going to happen in the film and the whole pixolated effect ties in well with the movie theme of social networks, internet and computers. The shocking unconventional and bold atmosphere the teaser creates arrouses the audience's interest and curiosity as there is not much given away hence the mystery and exciting. However the bold advert implies that there is something 'huge' that will happen in the film which is based on a true story.
After the character's face is revealed, the screen then cuts to black and a logo; similar to the facebook logo, appears on screen when at the point the dialogue has stopped. This then swiftly cuts to the release date and the teaser comes to an end.

On a whole the teaser trailer breaks conventions and challenges the viewer as it does not include any real moving picture or scenes from the film which is usually always included in the advert. Instead the whole teaser is based on one image and uses only simple text and dialogue. Although it couls be seen as simple, it is very effective as the mystery arrouses interest and created hype within the audience.

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