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Monday, 11 April 2011

Finished teaser

la voix de julie first cut from St Marylebone Media Studies on Vimeo.

Here is our Finished Teaser Trailer.


We have chosen a french soundtrack as we have been inspired by the french lifestyle as well as the title of the film being french. Although we originally wanted to use a song by Brigitte Bardot, we could't do this due to copyright reasons and so decided to look for songs by unsigned artists that are free to use on websites such as:
Sound Cloud


Using final cut pro, we stitched together all our footage that was separetly filmed and slowed down some section and sped up other in order for the picture to match the soundtrack and also to achieve a smooth, consistent pace.
We also added effects such as dulling the colour and placing an effect on top of the existing footage to give a vintage feel to the film which is what we wanted to achieve from our inspiration of old, classic films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's.


On reflection, I believe that we have managed to achieve the type of teaser that we originally had in mind. It reflects our personal taste and is a thorough representative of our genre. I also think that taking the risk of creating an unconventional teaser was a good idea due to achieving something different and original which is an important value when making an arthouse film. Our simplistic style also makes the teaser sophistocated and stylish as well as arousing the audience's interests and expectations which is what we hoped to aim for when originally planning our filming process.

Completed website


Here is my completed website. I chose to use my same image that I used in my poster so that the audience can easily associate the wesite with the recognisable poster. I took away the shadow in the background that was previously in the image by using the magic wand tool and making it white so that the image stands out and the background blends well with the rest of the white backdrop.
I used the same font and text styles as my poster in order to keep a consistent theme and added appropriate links and buttons that are conventional to film wesites such as popular social networking sites e.g facebook and twitter. I also created links to a synopsis, cast, gallery and soundtrack as I found that these were the most important and common links by looking at other film websites.
I am pleased with the outcome and believe it looks inkeeping with my genre and theme. I also kept the website design uncluttered and simple as I wanted to achieve a sophistocated, elegant, and simplistic feel which also reflects my theme of vintage films.

Film genre, Inspiration.

In terms of using props for the film I felt that a vintage perfume bottle will help define the genre and also create a more glamorous feel to the trailer. I also featured a similar perfume bottle with a pump in my storyboard.
Looking at pin up girl images is also a good source of inspirations as I wanted to define a character that is viewed as glamorous, vuluptious and sexy. The style of clothing is also interesting to look at as I wanted to feature pull up stockings in my teaser as planned out in my storyboard.
Looking at Edie Sedgwick was one of my main inspirations as she was a glamorous icon who was known for her quirky fashion sense and heavy make up look which was a trend that she started. This was what inspired me to create a storyboard where the main feature is of a woman getting dolled up for her glamorous lifestyle. The iconic short blonde hair cut is also highly appropriate to look at as my actress and model Holly Glavin has a similar hair style.
Audrey Hepburn is an icon who defines my genre of film noir inspired, arthouse romance. She is the classy, elegant and beautiful woman who everyone fell in love with. The film Breakfast at Tiffany's also defined the classic black dress and so I chose my model/actor Holly Glavin to wear a black dress in both my poster and teaser/trailer to define and establish my genre.

Poster plan

I have created a poster plan which I feel will reflect the trailer as well as being representative of the genre and inspired style that I am aiming to achieve. I chose to use a simple image that is a good layout for placing text on as I wanted to achieve a simplistic poster that is bold, eye catching and also different to anything else that I have recently seen by going against conventions.
I am pleased with my end product as I believe I have stuck to my plan, therefore achieving what I was aiming for. I also think that I was able to achieve the vintage inspired feel by editing the image and reducing the colour saturation. I decided to have everything kept within the black dress except the film title so that it stands out the most. Although my text is widely spread across the image, I feel it doesn't draw attention away from the image as I chose a powerful photo with a strong contrast of the black dress against the white background. I also kept my text a moderate size as I didn't want large text that would overpower the image and could even look tacky. I chose my star rating to be given by the fashion magazine Vogue as my target audience for this film is the same to those who would read vogue. It was also representative of the overall film which I associate with fashion.

Photoshoot plan for poster

For my photoshoot plan I have taken into consideration every detail required when achieveing a successful image such as location, model, shot and lighting. I believe a plan is helpful as it allows me to refine my ideas before taking the image meaning I won't waste time trying to achieve something that I am hoping for. It also gives me a higher success rate as I know exactly what I would like to achieve.
Here is my original photograph before being photoshoped. Although I am pleased with the outcome in terms of composition and lighting, I will edit it by taking away the pink tinge and enhancing the overall image by playing around with the contrast levels. I am also considering dulling the colours by reducing the saturation levels to give the image a slightly aged and vintage feel. I want to do this as it will be in keeping with my feel and will also make the image appear more fashionable and styalised.

Trailer analysis Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I have chosen to look at the trailer of the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' as it is one of the main sources of inspiration for my own trailer and genre of film. The film also includes the main character Audrey Hepburn who is a style icon and the person who I built my main character Julie around.

Throughout the trailer there is classic, stylish music playing that was fashionable and on trend at the time. The music sets the atmosphere and becomes slow and romantic when there are scenes to do with love and romance.
The teaser begins with a title appearing on screen; "Audrey hepburn is having BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S". After this title the trailer then moves onto a series of scenes from the film in order to illustrate the main story line. Throughout the trailer there is a narrator who introduces characters and speaks the outline of the storyline. This is quite a conventional way to present a trailer where there is a narrator who speaks along to scenes of the film.

At 1.58 the narration stops where there is just music playing and text appears; "starring Audrey Hepburn", this is then followed up by a series of other names of charcters that go with scenes of those acting. After the actors are credited, the music continues and at 2.22 text appears on the screen "It's everything you've always wanted to do..." 2.28 "and Audrey Hepburn's the one you've always wanted to do it with!". These two bold statements leads the teaser to the ending scene of Audrey and the title of the film re-appearing "BREAKFAST at TIFFANY'S Is delicious".

The trailer generally follows conventions and uses text on screen when delivering crucial informations and catching the audiences attention.
Audrey Hepburn being one of the biggest hollywood stars at the time, her name is mentioned in total 8 times in the trailer as it is important to highlight her name being the main role in the film and an all round icon.
In terms of taking inspiration from this source, I would say that the music is very important when creating a heavily styalised film that is aiming for a classic, vintage genre. Although in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's it was not intentional, to achieve the same effect I would also like to use a slightly dulled and grainy screen effect which I am hoping will create a vintage feel to the trailer.