Monday, 21 March 2011

Poster Analysis Never Let Me Go

The main focus of this poster is the centre image as there is minimal text that is in pale colours so that it does not draw attention away from the main image. The layout could be seen as unconventional as the text is very minimal meaning there is not much detail given away of the film. The image also challenges the audience as it is a long shot meaning there is yet again not much detail given away of who the actors are, their facial expression etc. Conventional posters would usually have a clear indicator of what the main actors look like however with this poster, both actors are facing away; letting the audience have no idea of who they are. Although the image is unconventional, the methods used to create this image could be seen as a success as not knowing what is going on and who the actors are reates mystery and drives up excitement and expectations in the eye of the viewer.

The colour scheme is neutral and calm which reflects the nature of the image itself; a calm pier. This could also be seen as unconventional as the film is not being advertised in a bold and pushy manner which can often be the case in order to catch the viewers attention amongst the competion of other film posters.

Although the title of the film is the largest text and most important on the poster, it is kept subtle by using a thin text in white. The billing box keeps the coninuing theme og the text as it is also in white and is made discreet by making it small and even hardly noticable in order to keep the image as the main focus.

The actors names have been listed using a different coloured and styled text in order for them to stand out as a separate asset besides the film information. Although the film includes high status actors such as Kiera Knightley, they have all been equally placed to show that all actors involved in the film are equally credited for their performance. Infact the mess known actor has been placed in the middle so that the poster does not seem to favour the most well known actors which would make them appear as superiour in comparison to the others.

The eye flow of the poster is a Z as the eye is taked from the title, through the image diagonally and straight across the bottom by the billing box. Although this is the eye flow of the poster, overall the text has been made discreet so that it merges well with the image making the layout overall vey balanced and pleasing to the eye to look at; there are no obsticales or difficulties in taking in all the visual information.

On a whole this poster is generally unconventional as it does not follow the typical techniques of advertising and selling techniques. The image speaks for itself as is a high quality and well thought out image that is very pleasing to look at in itself. Using minimal text that is discreet is a bold move as the creators obviously had confidence that the image and hype of the film was enough for it to be sold to its viewers. Having said that, the film does have an advantage of extra advertisement in comparison to the generic film as it was based on a top selling novel meaning there were existing fans of the story line before the film was even created.