Monday, 11 April 2011

Poster plan

I have created a poster plan which I feel will reflect the trailer as well as being representative of the genre and inspired style that I am aiming to achieve. I chose to use a simple image that is a good layout for placing text on as I wanted to achieve a simplistic poster that is bold, eye catching and also different to anything else that I have recently seen by going against conventions.
I am pleased with my end product as I believe I have stuck to my plan, therefore achieving what I was aiming for. I also think that I was able to achieve the vintage inspired feel by editing the image and reducing the colour saturation. I decided to have everything kept within the black dress except the film title so that it stands out the most. Although my text is widely spread across the image, I feel it doesn't draw attention away from the image as I chose a powerful photo with a strong contrast of the black dress against the white background. I also kept my text a moderate size as I didn't want large text that would overpower the image and could even look tacky. I chose my star rating to be given by the fashion magazine Vogue as my target audience for this film is the same to those who would read vogue. It was also representative of the overall film which I associate with fashion.

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