Thursday, 25 February 2010

DPS analysis 2

Here is my second powepoint where i have analysed a double page spread from NME. I have made a slide for each main element that i have analysed.

My second powerpoint of the DPS analysis is also from NME magazine. I chose this particular DPS as (like the first powerpoint), i was personally attracted to the article being the age of a target audience for this article. I also liked the layout which i can use inspiration from for my own DPS.
The majority of the DPS is filled images. This attracts a young age group audience as more visual context and less text is what draws in the younger age groups. I would say that this article is most likely aimed at readers aged between 16-20 year olds as the bands and celebrities featured are fan based of people at a young age and use of language in the main body text has a casual, conversationla, some colloquial and slightly crude tone.
The right page of the DPS is where all the main text is. However there is also a side bar with an image and also other images placed around the body text. This double page spread has used various techniques to draw in the target audience by making every part of the DPS look eye catching and interesting to look at. The images placed around the article makes the text more attractive to look at which will draw in the audience to reading. This is a key feature used in almost every article in NME as it has a young target audience. The images and colour there is, the more attractive it looks visually giving a higher chance that the audience will be drawn in to read the article.
The main colour theme of this DPS is also black, white, and red. This is a constant theme throughout the magazine as the front cover and main logo of 'NME' uses these colours. these colours are also reflected off the images through the clothing of the artists which gives a visually pleasing balance to the DPS.

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